• You don’t think to take a look at your crawlspace too often, but there are a range of problems that can develop down there, from minor problems like rodents or other pests to major ones like water damage. If you do find your crawlspace is in bad shape, here’s how you can repair it.


    Your crawlspace is the perfect spot for pests to make a home, and there are numerous spots where they can find their way in. You can always try to fish a pest out yourself if it’s a single offender, but infestations and dangerous pests should be handled by an exterminator. This won’t cost you much or take long.


    Since the crawlspace is right beneath your floorboards, it needs to be properly insulated to prevent cool air from seeping into your home. Luckily, insulation doesn’t cost a ton of money, and you can install it yourself as long as you’re willing to crawl under your house.


    Mold is a common problem in crawlspaces that have had moisture problems. Mold grows very well in this dark, moist part of your home, and a professional mold removal service is the only way to ensure you’re getting all of that mold out of your crawlspace. This is a pretty costly repair.

    Water Damage and Sinking/Settling

    Water can also cause your foundation to settle or sink a bit. If this happens, your entire home is at risk. Luckily there are foundation repair, crack repair and waterproofing services available to stop water damage in its tracks and prevent it in the future. If you don’t treat this water problem right away, there is a good chance your foundation will become severely damaged and you’ll end up dealing with a bad mold problem in your crawlspace. You can save time, money and hassle by getting all of your crawlspace problems taken care of as soon as possible.

    Call a Pro

    Most crawlspace jobs are a bit too involved for the average homeowner, which is why we’re here. LS Waterproofing has experience with foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crack repair and more. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can fix the foundation or crawlspace of your Granite City, IL, home and schedule an appointment.