• Here are your basement waterproofing options

    Keeping water out of your home is important, but it can be a difficult task. This is especially true when it comes to your basement since it’s lower in elevation which means it’s closer to the water table. Here are some tips for waterproofing the basement of your Litchfield, IL, home to keep it standing for decades.

    Waterproofing Wraps

    There are wraps available that claim to waterproof your basement without much effort required on your part. While these wraps are made of waterproof material, they don’t actually waterproof your basement because they don’t solve the root of the problem. To truly ensure your basement is waterproof and won’t have any saturation or leaking problems, you need to install a good drainage system.

    Concrete Coatings & Sealers

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    These products are bought in liquid form and applied to the wall before drying. Concrete coatings are thick and cement-like, being applied to the wall with a heavy-duty brush.

    Concrete sealers, also called densifiers, should only be used on wall that haven’t been painted or sealed. These sealers soak into the foundation walls and create a chemical reaction with the concrete that forms a waterproof surface.

    Waterproofing Paint

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    Waterproofing paint is closer to regular pain, and it’s the most ineffective method for waterproofing a home. This should only be utilized in homes that have very minor water issues. A trained waterproofing professional will be able to evaluate your situation and recommend the right products for repairing your foundation walls and stopping your wet basement problems!

    Sump Pumps

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    One of the options that you have for waterproofing is to install a sump pump in your basement. A sump pump is suitable for homes that have consistently wet basements due to ground water seeping through the foundation. A sump pump is just that – a pump in your basement that directs water away from the foundation. It sits inside of a pit that collects water. When the water is high enough, it ejects the water out of the pit and away from the home.

    Professional Drainage System

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    If you want to waterproof your basement in the most effective manner and make sure it remains waterproof for years, you need to control the problem at its root. This means installing a drainage system in your basement to divert water away from the basement and keep it dry. This involves trenching and excavating around the foundation, using a waterproof coating on the outside of the foundation and installing drainage panels to direct water away from the home.

    Call in Backup

    Waterproofing your basement is a bit more complicated than your average home improvement task, so we understand if you need some help. Give us a call to learn more about why waterproofing your Litchfield, IL, area basement is so important and talk about the options you have for keeping your basement dry!