• What are the available types of foundation repair in Alton, IL?

    May 13, 2019 | Blog Foundations
  • The various types of foundation repair your Alton, IL home may need.

    The foundation of your Alton, IL home is responsible for carrying a huge load. not only must it support the weight of your house, but it must stand up to long-term assault from the elements that can weaken supports and lead to problems in the future. Read on about the different types of foundation repair your Alton, IL home may need and call the experts at LS Waterproofing for more information!

    cracked foundation repair

    Signs of Foundation Trouble

    You might notice signs of foundation trouble outside the home or in the basement. If you see stair-stepping cracks in the mortar or cracks in the foundation or in a basement wall, there’s a good chance that there is some structural movement going on. Gaps in windows or doors, walls bowing or the sudden appearance of water around your home or in the crawl space can also indicate a problem.

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    Crack Repair

    Cracks in your foundation are most often caused by your home settling over time. In the basement they can indicate that soil is pushing against the foundation wall. Stepped-cracks, vertical and diagonal cracks are usually minor, but horizontal cracks might be a warning that your foundation is bowing inwards. Whatever the cause, you’ll want cracks repaired to avoid water seepage and further damage.

    sinking home foundation repair

    Foundation Piering

    As your house settles, it can sink into the soil. Usually, this settling results in only a few inches difference and then it stops. In some cases, however, a house will continue to settle. If it keeps sinking, you run the risk of damage to your foundation and a permanent problem keeping the floor level. Foundation piering uses a system of helical or push piers, which are basically steel beams screwed or pushed into the soil surrounding your home to provide more support.

    horizontal bowing foundation repair

    Horizontal Bowing Repair

    If your basement wall appears to be bowing or buckling, it is important to call a professional foundation repair company in the Alton, IL area for a consultation. If bowing is not addressed, you could find your entire foundation at risk of structural failure.

    One way to repair a bowing wall is to insert horizontal steel beams into the foundation and bolt them to the wooden floor joists. For basement walls that have only moved a few inches, carbon fiber wall bracing can be inserted into the structure to help straighten the foundation and make it stronger. Finally, foundation walls are simply too far gone for structural repair, leaving you to replace and rebuild one or more of your foundation walls.