• Basement Wall Repair

  • The Southwestern IL. Leader in Basement & Crawlspace Foundation Repair

    When it comes to the structural soundness of your home, it depends on a foundation that’s well-built and keeps out groundwater. However, under the weight of a home, foundations can become worn and unsafe overtime, developing cracks and other blemishes that threaten the safety of your home. Luckily, you can always call us at LS Waterproofing to repair basement walls, foundations and crawl spaces. Read on for more details!

  • Local Foundation Repair Specialists

    Do you notice bowing walls? Have phantom cracks shown up on the walls in your living room? If you’re questioning the structural soundness of your foundation then it’s time to call for an inspection from LS Waterproofing. We’re the Southwestern IL. area’s leader in foundation repair and we use the following methods:

  • • Piering

    • Steel Piers

  • • Concrete Piers

    • Crawlspace Foundation Repair

  • Crawlspace Repair Services

    Homes with crawl spaces have a different set of options than those with basements. A crawlspace is typically a small space that a home sits on that provides access to plumbing and electrical connections. Some things can be done if you notice sagging floors or other signs of a sinking foundation. Available methods include:

  • • Additional shimming for support

    • Repair damage wood

    • Add concrete pier pads

    • Add floor jacks

  • Your Local Egress Window Installer

    If you’re finishing your basement, or you need major repairs to your foundation, it’s important to install an egress window. Egress windows serve as an emergency exit for any room that is underground (i.e., basement). Additionally, most building codes require that finished basements have an egress window for this specific purpose. Whether you’re refinishing your basement or need to repair a sinking foundation, contact our staff to find out if you need an egress window.

  • Floor Leveling Services

    Ever notice that one spot in your floor that slopes? At LS Waterproofing, we provide leveling services that can improve the surface of your floors. Depending on the condition of your home, we may be able to use various methods to level your floors – contact our staff for more details.